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Product Map

See the product map on the left for a clear overview of our entire range. Below are more details about individual products.

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Paper Roller Stand - Standard

Paper Roller Stand - Standard is available in widths of 20-150 cm.


Bracket - Combi

Portable or wall mounting. 
Available in White, Black
and Silver.

Ribbon Stand -
Combi 1 & 2 Wall

Ribbon Stand for fixed mounting on a wall. Available in White, Silver and Black.

Ribbon box

For label reels and gift ribbon. Adjustable partitions, with a cutter and space for scissors.

Paper Cutter Industry

Cutting Rail Industry with cutting widths of 40-150 cm. 
Special fittings available for floor and wall mounting.

Paper Roller Stand -
with serrated blade

Paper Roller Stand with a serrated edge for e.g. 
cellophane, available in widths of 20-100 cm.

Table Stand

A simple stand for Paper
Roller Stands. Can be fixed to a counter or stand loose
on the floor.

Sketch holder

Wall mounting.

Built In Cabinet

Holds three reels of paper. Patented tearer.
Makes maximum use of the counter’s depth.

Kvick - Bird Seed Feeder

Kvick, a classic product from the early 1900s. Made from aluzinc plate, it holds about 350 ml
of seeds.

Paper Roller Stand - Antique

This product comes in a choice of three sizes. Available in Black Wrought, White and Gold.


Floor Stand

Stands with wheels for ease of movement, height 110 cm.


Ribbon Stand - Combi 6

This product holds six reels of gift ribbon, tape and a cutter.


Corrugated Cardboard Cabinet

Adjustable partitions to allow different widths of cardboard. 

Brackets for
Paper Roller Stands

Brackets for mounting on the wall, desk and portable.


Ribbon Stand -
Combi 1 & 2

Room for one or two reels of gift ribbon, and tape.

Ribbon Stand - FM Fixed Mounting

This product has room for gift ribbon, and a cutter. Can be mounted in any position.

Paper Cutter Retail

Cuts most materials such as paper, plastic, corrugated cardboard and florist wrap.

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