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See the product map on the left for a clear overview of our entire range. Below are more details about individual products.

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Paper Roller Stand - Standard

Paper Roller Stand - Standard is available in widths of 20-150 cm.


Bracket - Combi

Portable or wall mounting. 
Available in White, Black
and Silver.

Ribbon Stand -
Combi 1 & 2 Wall

Ribbon Stand for fixed mounting on a wall. Available in White, Silver and Black.

Ribbon box

For label reels and gift ribbon. Adjustable partitions, with a cutter and space for scissors.

Paper Cutter Industry

Cutting Rail Industry with cutting widths of 40-150 cm. 
Special fittings available for floor and wall mounting.

Paper Roller Stand -
with serrated blade

Paper Roller Stand with a serrated edge for e.g. 
cellophane, available in widths of 20-100 cm.

Table Stand

A simple stand for Paper
Roller Stands. Can be fixed to a counter or stand loose
on the floor.

Sketch holder

Wall mounting.

Built In Cabinet

Holds three reels of paper. Patented tearer.
Makes maximum use of the counter’s depth.

Paper Roller Stand - Antique

This product comes in a choice of three sizes. Available in Black Wrought, White and Gold.


Floor Stand

Stands with wheels for ease of movement, height 110 cm.


Ribbon Stand - Combi 6

This product holds six reels of gift ribbon, tape and a cutter.


Corrugated Cardboard Cabinet

Adjustable partitions to allow different widths of cardboard. 

Brackets for
Paper Roller Stands

Brackets for mounting on the wall, desk and portable.


Ribbon Stand -
Combi 1 & 2

Room for one or two reels of gift ribbon, and tape.

Ribbon Stand - FM Fixed Mounting

This product has room for gift ribbon, and a cutter. Can be mounted in any position.

Paper Cutter Retail

Cuts most materials such as paper, plastic, corrugated cardboard and florist wrap.

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